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Jet Ski Tenerife

Tour «VIP»
Single Jet Ski 249 €
Double Jet Ski 299 €
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This individual tour has no competition in Tenerife!

Everything you request and you need! Any couple or group. Each participant can choose any Yamaha jet ski. This tour is made with a touch of romance when in the late afternoon you can watch the sunset over the ocean against the backdrop of the island La Gomera.

The tour’s time is unlimited! You can choose the route in consultation with an experienced guide who will accompany your VIP group!

The tour starts from the port of Las Galletas. Within this adventure you will be surrounded by special attention and care, and you will be allowed a few more cozy bays, beaches with black sand, cliffs, caves, fish farms and abundant sea world.

We guarantee that you’ll meet dolphins, whales and perhaps flying fish. You will become a skilled jet ski driver or passenger. You can stop in any place for diving in the clear waters of the Atlantic ocean and discover the underwater world using snorkelling gear. At the end of the trip you’ll receive beautiful photos and enjoy a dinner in one of the best restaurants in Las Galletas!
We are sure that these adventures will be the best on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

The tour includes free transport both ways in the South of Tenerife.

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Jet Ski Safari Tenerife

Jet Ski Tenerife

We will receive your application and contact you to confirm the exact time of the tour and the place where we shall take you from.

Jet Ski Tenerife
2.Free transfer

The tour includes free transport both ways in the South of Tenerife.

Jet Ski Tenerife
3.Start the Adventure

During the tour, you will enjoy the ocean freshness and breathtaking views on the Tenerife coastline; you will have a look at the volcano Teide from a new perspective, and also you will see various marine inhabitants.

*The driving license IS NOT required.

*The minimum age for driving a jet ski is 16. Children above the age of 8 can ride in the company of adults.

*We offer snorkelling equipment for both 1 and 2 hour excursions.